jewelry armoires

Product Specifications

Hives & Honey video Learn about our two distinguished lines of Jewelry armoires. This video Showcases our Premium Line (Available at and our Heirloom line available at select fine furniture showrooms.  

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The Driving Factors of Exceptional Customer Service.

The Driving Factors of Exceptional Customer Service. 1.  The customer is BOSS. No customer, no business.  Yes, there are those instances where someone might be rude and we want to get away from the inevitable truth.  That truth is that if someone is frustrated it is for a reason. 2.  Being a great listener.  9.9/10 […]

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Does this sound familiar?

Does this sound familiar? “We need to get the sell of this item no matter what” “Price is the end all be all” “Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect” Well, this is not the way we think at Hives & Honey.  Our number one focus is and always will be product.  WE OBSESS […]

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